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laws and policy of the site

The most important conditions and laws and policy of the site
The site is owned by Al-Tayseer Company. It specializes in displaying user ads. By accessing the site and using its services, you agree to all the terms of the site.
It is the right of the Company to amend or change these laws at any time without recourse to customers
The user is required to respect these laws and we have every right to ban a client or to delete his advertisements or to amend them if he violates these laws and without reference to the client.
Any declaration of a legal offense or a violation of one of the rights of a person or violation of his privacy is entirely the responsibility of the owner of the announcement and we disclaim our responsibility for that.
It is strictly prohibited to display content that is subject to the religion or policy of a state or violates one of the rights of a person or makes fun of or reduces it.
It is prohibited to repeat or repeat the content under a different title.
It is forbidden to put pictures of women who are deserters.
We are not responsible for any advertisements, guidelines, business listings or messages between users
In the future, we may make special ads or place paid advertising banners. So we alone decide the price of the advertisement and accept or reject any advertising.
Your advertisement in our site includes your implicit acknowledgment that no person is impersonating or violating any of his rights or publishing content in which there is a breach, tampering or violation of any of the laws of the state, and if you commit anything contrary to that, you are solely the responsible person in charge before the law.
If it is proved through the content of your advertisement a violation of the law or cheating or fraud on anyone, it is not our duty to provide to the competent authorities all the data that concerns you if necessary.
The process of selling, buying or exchanging between individuals or companies through our site has no role in it, but only allow advertising through us and we are not responsible for any purchase between two parties from near or far.
We respect customer privacy and all their personal information and evidence that they enter into the site is strictly confidential and is never used except in cases of service development or sending guidance and service messages to communicate with customers, including benefiting them. We have no right to dispose of these personal data, Misuse them.
In no event shall we be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages (even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages) resulting from any aspect of your use of the Site or the Service, including but not limited to Use or misuse of the site or service, inability to use the site or service, interruption, suspension, modification, alteration or termination of the website or service. These limitations of liability are not applied in respect of damages incurred by other services or products received through or advertised in connection with the Website, the Service or any links on the Website as well as any information, opinions or advice received through or advertised In connection with the connection to the Site, the Services or any links on the olx4 website. Such restrictions shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by law. You specifically acknowledge and agree that olx4 is not liable for User Submissions or behavior that is defamatory, hostile or illegal to any other user or third party and that the responsibility for harm or damage resulting from the foregoing rests solely with you. The website is controlled and displayed by us through its facilities and offices . We make no representations or warranties that the site is appropriate for you to use elsewhere. And who enter or use the site from other countries do so voluntarily and at their own risk and are responsible for compliance with the local law that affects them.

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